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Best prosecco in the world

Two of our wines have just been review as the best Prosecco in the world by Decanter magazine. Decanter constantly monitors high-end wines around the world, publishing the reviews of the best provided by connoisseurs on the industry.

It is moments like this when Italiquore prides in continuously importing the best quality products.

Find bellow Collalbrigo Prosecco under its local label. Italiquore requests the educational version of the label to provide the most information regarding its specifications to our market. See the image of our bottle on its own.

Italian night @ Bucci Fortitude Valley

It was a reunion not to be missed for this match made in heaven. The history and stunning architecture of the refurbished Brisbane City Hall and the ethereal sounds of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra combined for a magical evening at QSO's first performance in the iconic venue since 2009.
Picture by Adam Smith
Article published by U on Sunday by the Courier Mail

What is Prosecco?

The Prosecco grape originated during Roman times and is one of the oldest grapes in Italian history. Its origin and name can be traced back to the town of Prosecco in Trieste. Prosecco grapes are transformed into sparkling wine using the Charmat method in which stainless steel tanks and yeast are utilized to produce a natural second fermentation. The process takes approximately 60 days depending on acidity, residual sugar and pressure. The Charmat method allows Prosecco to preserve its original flavors and perfumes longer.

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Good Food and Wine Show 2012

A Keglevich promo video from Italiquore's recent visit to the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne 2012. Keep an eye out for Italiquore in you city.

Italian Film Festival 2011

Italiquore's Limonce brand is again proudly sponsoring the Lavazza Italian Film Festival in 2011. For more information on festival dates and screening times, please visit the offical website at


Italiquore are once again in 2010 sponsoring FIERITALIA through the Gancia and Keglevich brands.
FIERITALIA, is a hugely popular outdoor spring festival organized annually under the auspices of Co.As.It. (Italian Australian Welfare Association Inc.) is held in the historic gardens of New Farm Park and is attended enthusiastically by over 20,000 people.

2010 Italian Film Festival

Italiquore's Limonce is a silver sponsor of the Lavazza Italian Film Festival in 2010.


Italiquore is proudly sponsoring the FIERITALIA (Italian Festival) through the Gancia and Keglevich brands.
The Italian festival highlights Brisbane as a regional and international city that is fostering strong links with its multicultural community whilst offering worthy lifestyle activities to enrich this vibrant and creative city. Aimed at Australians from all backgrounds, the festival enhances social and cultural inclusiveness and leaves co-lateral benefits for the wider community in terms of recreational, social, commercial and economic bonuses.

2009 Italian Film Festival

This year, Italiquore's brand Keglevich is a proud sponsor of the 2009 Italian Film Festival.
The Italian film festival has grown from screening a handful of films in Sydney and Melbourne to a national event which we have in 2009.
For more information on films, dates, venues, ticketing and sponsors, visit the Italian Film Festival's official web site.